Running – a new adventure

One of my new years resolutions was to get a bit fitter and lose some weight as I’m getting to that point in life when these things become important.


The local running club The Purbeck Runners announced just before Christmas last year a  BEGINNERS RUNNING COURSE where they would take people from not running to be able to run 30 minutes / 5 kilometers (3.? miles) in 10 weeks.  The Name the Purbeck Runners comes from the area we live in – The Isle of Purbeck also know as the part of the Jurassic Coast in the south of England

Any way not being a sporty person with very little willpower or competitiveness…….. I decided to have a go.  This week was the final week of the course.  It has been tough but not so tough you give up.

We planned to finish our 10 weeks with a 30 minute run without any stops, in fact we ended up a long way from the start point so we ran back and clocked up 47 minutes of non-stop running.

We all got certificates and pats on the back.  I must say that the Purbeck runners involved in this have been so very supportive each week to all of us and have helped us so much.  (Thank you all if you read this)

So today I filled out my running club application form and posted it off.  I also have done another 47 min run.  I plan to run about 50 minutes until I get faster, as it takes me about 45 mins to do the 5km – the goal really is 5km/30 mins  for each run

I’m not particularly fast compared to most runners but at least I’m giving it a go.

Oh.. by the way I have lost exactly 7 lbs in weight ( long may it continue) without changing my diet

Running graduation

purbeck runners logorunning shoes

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