My latest crochet commision

My latest crochet commission was for hats for a couple of toddlers.  Their godmother had seen my Big Wool crochet hat and wanted something similar.

The flower is made with some scarp navy DK yarn. The hat is in Rowan big wool, using a 7mm hook

The pattern can be found here. Instead of a brim I crocheted a couple of extra rows and finished with a row of crab stitch

Crochet – Granny Square Cushion Covers

I love making granny squares so I decided to make a couple of cushions for the lounge.  The lounge has tourquoise curtains and cushion covers but I have never liked the 2 cushions that came with the suite (in the same material), hence the idea of a couple of crocheted ones.

I didn’t use a pattern but kept crocheting until they were the right size.  For the back I crocheted trebles in rows and made a couple of flowers for the closure.

To finish the edging Iused crab stitch (backwards doubles) which takes a long time but give a good edging.

I used Rowan Pure new wool DK, does split a bit when crocheting but shouold wash well.