Sock Knitting Machine CSM

I’ve wanted a circular sock knitting machine for ages. So back in November 2017 I had a clear out and spent a couple of months selling stuff! on ebay to get together some funds for the purchase of a sock knitting machine.

Towards the end of my Ebaying this machine came up on Ebay and I was the lucky winner.

It had not been used for a while so it needed a little clean up and some new needles.

I managed to get a tube of knitting straight away, but it was a couple of days and a lot of oil before it would crank smoothly.

Being an old item of equipment from possibly dating back to the first world war, these lovely machines are very simple in mechanism but boy are they tempremental. They have particlar settings they are happy with and some they just dont like.

The learning curve is massive and you neeed to be a person that will play around and not be afraid to tinker with the settings. It was probably 4 months before I could knit a ribbed sock without any errors. I had great help from a Face book Group called the Vintage Krankers.

Recipe for a mans sock size UK 8

Recipe for a mans sock size UK 8 using 4 ply sock wool

(Regia, Opal, Stylecraft, Drops Fabel, Scheepjes Invicta Extra etc.)

On my machine 5 rows will change the size by one sock size e.g. size 9 will be plus 5 rows in the foot.


Selvage 1st row ribber in, 2nd and 3rd row ribber out.

20 rows 1 x 1 rib


55 rows 3 x 1 rib

Pre heel

Replace all needles on half of cylinder where heel is to be made

15 rows


Short row heel of your choice


75 rows

Pre Toe

Replace all needles

4 Rows


Short row toe of your choice


CSM stool

Yarn enhanced  drum stool

I’m getting together items so I can transport and demonstrate my sock knitting machines a craft fairs and crank ins.

Over the weekend I obtained a stool meant for drumming.  It needs new feet which I have ordered from Ebay. It also had a boring black plastic top which called out for some fibre enhancement.

Using some stash Aran cotton I crocheted a granny cover.

No pattern just winged it.

CSM fingerless gloves

Been asked to make some childrens fingerless gloves.

I normally make these.


So I made the pattern but added Lycra and reduced the tension by 1 setting.

This is the result, a very stretch smaller pair of fingerless gloves.


On a 84 cylinder, tension 6 for larger glove 5 for smaller glove (plus Lycra)

20 rows 1 x 1 rib ( 2 row selvedge)

30 rows 3 x 1

row 31 scrap yarn for 8 stitches (thumb hole)

20 rows 3 x 1

10 rows 1 x 1

Pick up cast off stitches and knit  a rib bind off.

Pick up top and bottom stitches from scrap yarn 8 stitches, pick up 1 stich for smaller glove or 2 for larger glove  either end giving 18 or 20 stitches.  Knit with needles 1 x 1 rib for 10 rows. Cast off in rib.